Virtual Data Room: Reviews, Features, and Specifications

Safe file sharing, information storage and other processes with sensitive data cannot be achieved without a trusted virtual data room. Opting for a reliable provider is the demand of the modern business world you cannot ignore.

In the modern business world, the successful completion of different tasks without the use of innovative technologies is impossible. Thus, virtual data rooms are widely used instead of physical ones, as they guarantee not only convenience but a maximal level of safety and confidentiality.

Top Virtual Data Room Providers Reviews

What is the most important feature or function of the online data room? It can be efficiency, safety, confidentiality, or other characteristics that are preferred by the company. Thus, take your time to choose a trusted and reliable vendor offering all the services that meet your needs:

iDeals Virtual Data Room is a protected and secure data room solution that is internationally used and appreciated. The services provided by the vendor are based on the constant innovation approach.
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From the very beginning, Citrix’s main focus was to make it easier for people to do their work in the best way possible. That’s how its digital workspace was born.
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The VDR solutions of this vendor have a user-friendly and intuitive design aimed at improving user experience.
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According to the description, Transperfect gives for its VDR, Transcend is a multipurpose tool suitable for storing the company data.
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Donnelley Financial Solutions is a provider that delivers end-to-end compliance and risk solutions for big businesses.
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Onehub has all the basic features you would expect a VDR to have. Yet, this vendor is rather popular, and a lot of companies are loyal to it.
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Firmex as a data room provider is ranked as a good VDR service that supports many complex business processes.
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Caplinked offers software for document management and collaboration. This provider focuses on simplicity and accessibility.
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Ansarada professionals claim that their software was developed exclusively for those who want to speed up their deal-making process which is especially applicable for the M&A deals.
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Smartroom is quite bold about its software on its website. This provider advertises itself as not just a good data room, but the best one.
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Blackberry Workspaces is a modern and secure virtual data room that’s compatible with all the platforms.
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Datasite is another powerful file sharing platform that is related to streamlining the due diligence in disposals, IPO, mergers and acquisitions, as well as other transactions.
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Brainloop offers companies a platform with several modules that are tailored for different business needs.
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This vendor offers two separate products — Drooms Transaction and Drooms Portfolio.
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Box used to be a simple file-sharing system created for the general audience to exchange files online. But over time this provider gained more experience.
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V-rooms is a data room suited for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps companies manage corporate documents, exchange them with partners and other third parties, and collaborate.
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What is a virtual data room?

When a company has to store and share information with third parties, especially in cases like M&A due diligence and litigation processes, the ultimate protection of this information is vital. A virtual data room provides a haven for storing and sharing this information between a business’s internal staff and external parties.

Functionality and Efficiency of Virtual Data Rooms

A virtual data room is one of the most significant and helpful tools for the successful completion of business projects and the beneficial communication of partners. A 100% safe and protected cloud-based platform helps to upload, download, store, exchange, edit, and preview sensitive documents and data. Consequently, this is an indispensable tool for any business solution. Data rooms are ultimately valued when immaterial files play a significant role in everyday life and the business world. Every user strives to find the platform with a perfect level of protection for the information he/she uploads. While several years ago, physical data rooms were at the peak of their popularity, an increasing number of enterprises replace them with online deal spaces. This helps to eliminate a range of risks and promote better company security and functioning.

Day-and-night admission, an opportunity of simultaneous work, a chance to save money, no need to require permission, and similar data room services contribute to the convenience of its use and popularity in the business world. Faster deal-making, better communication, easy information exchange, and advanced safety are the main advantages of virtual data room use. Moreover, 24/7 support is another way to simplify your task and make sure you can obtain the necessary assistance at any time.

Using Virtual Data Room with Maximal Efficiency

Virtual data rooms are indispensable platforms for companies, who need to securely store and share sensitive and critical information. Traditionally, information that is uploaded to the VDR is private and ultimately valued by the owner. Consequently, an overwhelming majority of users have several criteria that help to make the right choice and opt for a beneficial and confidential platform. Apart from usual record keeping, such deal rooms guarantee safe data exchange with all the details being highly protected and never passed to the third party.

Virtual Data Room Providers

Due to the main laws of the market, digital data rooms should meet numerous requirements in order to be successful and demanded. The vast majority of vendors strive to do much more than just provide an average set of services. Thus, a range of conventional solutions is offered by the majority of providers, including:

  • Secure data management;
  • Safe records management;
  • Tracking of actions within the platform;
  • A chance to share documents;
  • An opportunity to run several projects simultaneously;
  • Movable papers;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Coexistence;
  • Extended searching system;
  • Possibility to work with smartphones.

Considering other tools and services used and offered by up-to-date and experienced vendors, it is inevitable to mention the Q&A section, two-factor authentication, prevention of download, watermarking, access limitation, and others. Moreover, audit trail, multi-lingual interface, and an ability to choose from several file formats add to the convenience and simplicity of data room use.

vdr features

Basically, a virtual deal room is a beneficial option that helps not just perform due diligence processes but also facilitate whole deals. The cloud-based platform is also used for such processes and transactions as venture capital, private equity, loan syndication, mergers, and acquisitions, etc. The advantageous features of the repository are highly valued by a range of enterprises and corporations, irrespective of their format, size, and industry. Thus, data rooms are implemented in the following spheres:

  • Government;
  • Venture capital;
  • Loan advisers;
  • Business brokers;
  • Accounting;
  • Real estate;
  • Energy;
  • Legal;
  • Consulting;
  • Investment banking;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Healthcare;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Telecommunications and IT and others.

Consequently, the number of VDR providers increases with the growing demand for the solution. Many platforms feature identical services, such as safe data storage, management, and sharing, while others claim to offer more. Anyway, irrespective of the vendor you choose, make sure you get multi-language support, multi-level security, in-document linking, advanced search, and a diversity of other functions that will simplify the management of your projects.

Ways to Take Maximal Advantage from Virtual Data Room Software

Financial transactions, due diligence, and similar processes require the maximal level of confidentiality and data security. An inability of traditional, physical data rooms to satisfy these requirements has contributed to the growing popularity of the virtual data room software. The advancement of the online security and improvement of numerous specifications of online deal rooms made companies replace physical platforms with cloud-based ones. There are several important reasons for the instant popularity of VDRs:

  • Due diligence information can be shared 100% securely;
  • Partners can access documents from any part of the world;
  • The platform guarantees secure data management that can be achieved due to account theft prevention, antivirus protection, two-factor authentication, data encryption, and similar modern security methods;
  • Compatibility with various devices;
  • Multiple filed format support;
  • Bulk uploads;
  • An opportunity to work simultaneously on numerous projects;
  • Drag-and-drop function;
  • Activity tracking;
  • Document filtering tools;
  • Audit log;
  • Scroll-through viewer and others.

In general, the primary concern of any data room vendor is to provide users with a safe and confidential platform to keep, manage, and share important documents during the deal-making. Additionally, virtual data room services are frequently used by sellers in order to get ready for the deal and be equipped with a comprehensive strategy. The buyer, at the same time, gets access to all the documents and materials that may help to predict potential risks and avoid pitfalls. Advanced security options, beneficial services, easy-to-navigate interface, constant support, and similar peculiarities contribute to the efficiency and high functionality of virtual data rooms.

Make Your Business Comfortable with TOP Data Room Providers

Selecting a suitable data room provider for your business is particularly important as it will let you organize the workflow appropriately and keep all data properly structured. Secure data rooms offered by the best vendors will let you make your business more successful and ensure its steady growth. Such technology is used to achieve the following goals:

  • Businesses can use data rooms in every process related to the work with sensitive files. Thus, VDRs can be used for due diligence in order to speed up the process of reviewing and exchanging data. You won’t have to travel anywhere or spend your time and money because you’ll be able to provide your partners or investors with all data within a few minutes and from any location you wish. All documents can be viewed and edited online or offline within a short period of time;
  • Data rooms can be used for M&A procedures in order to protect sensitive files. The best M&A data room providers are trying to guarantee the absolute safety of valuable documents as they really care about the security of their customers’ documentation. For this, they use various protection measures like watermarks and tools for tracking user activity;
  • The real estate industry can also benefit from data room services. Today, this market is flourishing and companies worldwide are trying to speed up the workflow to close the deals quicker. This is where VDR services come in very useful as they allow saving your time and resources and give all parties a chance to make a sound decision in comfortable conditions.

All this makes us think that today’s business world cannot exist without such useful and convenient solutions as VDRs, and it is critical to select the best VDR vendor for your business needs. This will guarantee that the business processes in your company continue to improve.