Brainloop Virtual Data Room

Brainloop offers businesses a platform with several modules that are tailored for different needs. BoardRoom for board communications, DealRoom for M & A, due diligence, and similar deals, CollaborationRoom for confidential documents, and MyRoom allow users to sync and share documents. The provider claims that it offers the right apps for each business need with the scope and performance companies require. Brainloop has decided to separate these tools to achieve maximum security and the best user experience. And quite a lot of entrepreneurs think that this provider has succeeded with this goal.

Brainloop customers use this provider’s software to:

  • Hold M&A desks
  • Manage property
  • Collaborate
  • Protect corporate data
  • Outlicense research results

Brainloop Virtual Data Room Review

This provider exists for two decades now. Brainloop founders wanted to create a solution that would let entrepreneurs collaborate just as quickly as they were using the Internet, but without sacrificing security. With this aim in mind, they’ve created software that made teamwork simpler while keeping documents protected and providing businesses with complete control over the data they share.

Today Brainloop is one of the most popular virtual data room providers who can brag about its clients as you can find such corporations as BMW and Deloitte among them. This vendor has offices in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland so far. But as it gets more attention, we can expect Brainloop to open new locations.

Most customers are quite satisfied with this data room. However, some find Brainloop to be quite overwhelming, with the tools divided between different apps.

Brainloop main features:

  • Automatic indexing
  • Granular permissions
  • Q&A module with reports
  • Personalized automatic watermarks
  • Access expiration

Brainloop Solutions

On the one hand, the decision to offer a single platform with separate apps is right as it allows businesses to get exactly the tools they need. However, this also creates some hassle for customers who want to use a virtual data room during deals and for both collaboration and internal document maintenance. That’s why some clients feel frustrated, sometimes trying to figure out the best way to use Brainloop software — customer reviews show that some users have issues understanding how to approach the platform. Yet, this provider has a lot of fans, so it’s a matter of preferences whether you’ll like its products or not.

Brainloop is compatible with all operating systems and offers a web-based version you can use to avoid installing any tools. And if you encounter any issues, the support team will help you out in four languages, including English. So take advantage of a free trial Brainloop offers to understand if it fits your needs.